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We are two photographers G a r d i & S t e f a n 


Stefan comes from the small town of Kuruman. With not much to do Stefan found himself a hobby, photography, which became his passion. He was basically never seen without his camera. He photographed everything. After school he left to find random jobs in London.

He returned with a plan of action and started KoringKriek in 2010.

Gardi comes from the not so small town, Johannesburg. With much to do Gardi kept herself busy with all kinds of stuff, but when she got her first big camera for her 18th birthday it was what she loved and did mostly throughout university.

When Gardi met Stefan in 2013 she fell in love with photography …and off course Stefan.

Since then we have been taking photos together , making memories together and concentrating on our business together.

We love weddings, Weddings covers most genrés, documentary, fashion, decor, architecture and sometimes very very crazy things, but mostly we love it because it tells a story of real life true love and we get to capture that!!


We also love to travel (as most of the human race do) to wherever and whenever. We always make new friends at weddings and some that will last a lifetime. We like to make ourselves part of the wedding to capture personal en meaningful moments.


We would describe our photography as a artistic style (not the depressing type …more like the happy type;)  but also capture every moment as it is, organic and authentic. We challenge ourselves with every shoot to create a picture that speaks and one should never get tired of. 

…photography will never get old.

and that is our story


Stefan and Gardi

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