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The reason every person should hang this tree in your house and look at it everyday:


It is fascinating that this beautiful tree grows in the deep dry sandy soils in parts of South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. Even in these harsh conditions the Kameeldoringboom grows a pretty little yellow flower. 

This tree was considered the tree of life by the San Tribe of the Kalahari. It provides fruit, shelter and shade to animals. To me it might be the tree with the most character and we can learn a lot about life from this tree. It is kind but tough. 

Not only do they grow in these harsh circumstances, but they thrive. 

Never let circumstances determine your ability. 


These photos are limited and comes with the coordinates, so you can actually find your tree someday, hug it, look at it, and just for a while sit in it’s shade.

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