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Petrus Vaalbooi

You can say it is those raw moments of the bushman experiencing nature and walking in their environment, somewhere between Van Zylsrus, Askham and Namibia. 

We walk with them and listen to what they have to say, they talk an awful lot… but sometimes they say very true and beautiful things …here is a example: “God is in als, in die wolke, in die sterre, in die natuur, in jou liggaam, orals”

Through all the talking and talking and talking and repeating, these words sticked with us, That is why we called our first Kalahari Bushman Collection, ‘God is in als’. Which means they see God in everything.

So we captured those moments, we put them in pretty frames and now we share them with the world. Maybe everyone that look at these pictures might experience just a little bit of the Kalahari Busham magic.

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